We work with schools and colleges to help them support LGBT young people, address bullying and reflect on LGBT people across the curriculum

A student writing on a notepad

We've worked for many years with schools and colleges to help them support LGBT young people, train teachers and other staff to better respond to LGBT young people, and tackle homophobic bullying.

We take a whole school approach to address bullying and increase knowledge and skills in gender and sexual diversity and equality.

What we do

  • Policy and procedure including staff equal opportunities policy, anti-bullying policy, where to display them and reporting mechanisms
  • Staff training to build confidence in responding to homophobia and providing support to young people who may be questioning their sexuality
  • Classroom workshops as part of PSHE, on the topic of sexuality and homophobic bullying
  • Support and advice on promoting positive reflections of LGBT people across the curriculum, particularly during LGBT History Month in February and Anti-Bullying Week in November
  • One to one support for young people questioning their sexuality and referral into LGBT youth groups, counselling and other internal and external services including sexual health and peer mentoring

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