Training for community groups

Courses on trustees, fundraising, monitoring and evaluation

About this service

We provide low cost training for voluntary, community and faith organisations in Greenwich.

Topics include fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, and trustee roles and responsibilities. We use both our own staff and external experts to work in an interactive way for all learning styles.

Who can use this service?

Our training is aimed at volunteers, staff and board members. Any organisation can book our training, but we offer reduced prices for members of METRO GAVS. It can help with monitoring, business planning, fundraising, management, leadership and general governance.

Find a course

View our training courses on the METRO GAVS website. You can book online for discounted rates.

You'll receive email confirmation of your order. Please make sure you attend the training on time. If you are late, you may not be allowed to join the training. There are no refunds if you do not attend on the day.

We want to improve the way the voluntary and community sector is run

Voluntary, community and faith organisations are an essential part of civil society. They give local areas life, independent voice and provide essential services to prevent ill health, isolation and the need for social care. But the voluntary and community sector is under pressure.

We help voluntary, community and faith organisations improve their understanding of topics like fundraising, trustees, and monitoring and evaluation. This means they can thrive and grow in the local area.

With high demand for services, but less funding available than before, it's vital that we help organisations improve their processes.

How we make a difference

Our training leads to improved knowledge, skills and attitudes within the voluntary and community sector.

We provide training for 60 organisations every year. Our training has improved understanding in governance, management and fundraising.