Support and advice on sexual health

Counselling, health and wellbeing coaching or group support

About this service

SASH provides one-to-one and group support to help you increase your sexual and reproductive wellbeing. This includes one-to-one health and wellbeing coaching, counselling, peer group support and peer mentoring.

You can use as many or as few of our services as you want. You'll also get a SASH care coordinator, who will assess your needs, help you develop a plan and check in to see how you're getting on.

Who can use this service?

SASH is open to anybody, regardless of your gender, sexuality, race or religion. You need to be aged 15 or over and live in Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea or Westminster.

Why people use this service

  • I want to talk to somebody who won't judge me
  • My family and friends don't know I'm living with HIV
  • I'd like somebody to go with me to a sexual health clinic
  • I'd like to manage my chemsex use
  • I need advice or advocacy with my benefits and housing

How we can help

  • Personalised care plan
  • Talk about emotional and physical issues affecting you
  • Discuss contraception options that are right for you
  • Get support to access STI and HIV testing
  • Increase your health and wellbeing

Sign up for SASH

Email, call the SASH team on 0207 851 2955 or make a referral on the SASH website. You can refer yourself or be referred by someone who works with you (like a nurse or support worker).

We'll get back to you within a week. Our care coordination team will invite you in for an assessment. During your assessment, you can decide which services are right for you, including counselling, peer mentoring, health and wellbeing coaching, group support or HIV family support.

Everybody should be able to talk openly about sex and relationships

Many people find it difficult to talk to others because they're afraid of being judged. There can be stigma around chemsex, negotiating safe sex, contraception, abortion, intimate partner violence, gender, sexuality, sexually transmitted infections or HIV. It's easy to feel lost, isolated or unsupported.

SASH is a safe space to talk about sex and relationships. We can help with any concerns, fears or anxieties you might have. Our advice and support is free, confidential and sex-positive.

How we make a difference

We help people develop strategies so they can have happier, healthier sex and relationships.

You'll have a safe space to talk about self-esteem, stigma, cultural expectations and any negative relationship experiences. We'll talk about strategies for prevention, screening, treatment and care. We'll help you negotiate safer sex, make reproductive choices and navigate relationships in a way that's right for you.

SASH looks at your sexual, emotional, physical and social wellbeing. We can talk about issues you might have with drugs or alcohol, education, training or employment. You'll have space to think about what you'd like to achieve – we won't make assumptions because of who you are.