Sexual health advice helpline

Advice and support about sexual health over the phone

About this service

Call our sexual health helpline for advice and support about sexual health. Lines are open from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

Talk to us if you have questions about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), testing or contraception. We can have a chat about anything related to your sexual health.

Who can use this service?

We give advice and support to anyone who calls our helpline, but our specialist knowledge is about services in Greenwich, Bexley and south-west London.

Why people use this service

  • I might have symptoms of an STI
  • I'm worried about some sex I had
  • I've taken a risk
  • I need contraception
  • I want to know where I can get tested

How we can help

  • Confidential sex-positive support
  • Advice on any difficulties you have
  • Talk about your options
  • Find out about local services

Get in touch

Call 020 8305 5005 for most enquiries, including STI test results from Greenwich or Medway. Call 020 8305 5002 for STI test results from Bexley, Merton, Wandsworth or Richmond.

Lines are open from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday. We aim to answer all calls immediately, but sometimes lines are busy. If you don't get through please try again later in the day.

Nobody should feel alone with a sexual health problem

Sometimes people have sex that makes them feel afraid, upset or confused. You might contract an STI or be worried about some sex that you've had. There's a lot of information online, but it's often not checked for accuracy and can be misleading.

When people are worried, it's important that they have access to free, confidential and sex-positive advice that they can trust. Our helplines are a safe space to talk about sex and discuss any concerns, fears or anxieties you might have about your sex life.

How we make a difference

We talk about sexual health issues in a sex-positive, honest and confidential way, which helps people make informed choices about their sex lives.

We receive about 2,000 calls to our helpline each year. We can give you advice and support that you might have to wait hours to get somewhere else, like a clinic or a GP.

Our service provides a direct line to sexual and reproductive health advice for people who live in Greenwich, Bexley and south-west London. If you live outside these areas, you can try the national sexual health helpline on 0300 123 7123.