Risk and Resilience

Sex, relationships, and identity mentoring and group work

I feel like my teenage years would have gone differently if I hadn't discovered METRO when I was 14.

- Service User

About this service

An early intervention programme providing sex, relationships and identity related mentoring for young people. The service takes a holistic view of sex and relationship education, delivering practical health information, and recognises that issues around sex and relationships can be linked to much broader aspects of a person, like their identity and attitude.

Our one-to-one work is delivered either in-person and can be delivered in a range of locations. They typically run for 45 minute to an hour session delivered over six to eight weeks.

Our group work is delivered in collaboration with the referring agency and can run for between four and eight weeks. These sessions are conversation-based for groups of up to 10 young people.

Who can use this service?

All young people aged 13-19 living in Greenwich.

Why people use this service

  • Unclear how to take care of their sexual health
  • Experiencing issues around sex, the law and pornography
  • Concerns around commuication and emotional literacy
  • Exploring issues around trust and exploitation
  • To find out more about contraception and emergency contraception
  • To find our more about gender, gender identity and sexuality

How we can help

  • Better understanding of healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Know how sex can be pleasurable
  • Increased confidence around body image
  • Better understanding of consent
  • Understanding of menstruation, pregnancy and abortion
  • How to access sexual health services
  • More confidence navigating relationships

Make a referral

Email or call our youth team on 020 8305 5000.

We'll get back to you in two to three working days. We usually accept referrals from people or organisations who work with young people (like a social worker, school or GP) but you can refer yourself in some cases too.