METRO Transcend

Fortnightly social for trans and non-binary young people aged 13-24 years old.

About this service

We have a fortnightly social group for trans, non-binary and gender-diverse young people and those who are questioning their gender.

It's a safe space for you to talk about what's on your mind. Transcend is also a fun and relaxed space to socialise with other trans, non-binary and gender diverse people. We meet on Zoom every other week from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. Even if you’re not sure of your gender yet, you are very welcome to join.

Who can use this service?

You need to be trans, non-binary, gender-diverse or questioning your gender, aged between 13 - 24 years old, and live in or near London.

Why people use this service

  • Play games
  • Talk about your life
  • Listen to specialist speakers
  • Take part in workshops
  • Go on trips
  • Discuss issues facing the trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse communities

How we can help

  • Get help from the group to explore and understand your gender identity
  • Develop self confidence
  • Discuss topics including bullying, feeling safe, life at home, education and work
  • Get support and information about coming out to your family and friends, and medical and social transition

Get in touch

Email or call 020 8305 5004. You can refer yourself or be referred by someone who works with you (like a youth worker or teacher). You should let us know that you are interested in Transcend and tell us your name, contact details, and which borough you live in - we can help you with this if you are not sure.

We'll get back to you in 7 days. We'll arrange a quick chat to find out more about you and how we can help. After you're signed up, you'll get a series of five sessions, once every other week. We can also refer you for support with sexual health, housing or homelessness, sexual violence, domestic abuse, counselling and advocacy.