Increasing use of condoms and sexual health services in Kent

20 October 2015

Understanding people's attitudes, behaviours, belief, needs and preferences to improve sexual health outcomes
Screenshot of pages from this research


This research aimed to gain insight into Kent residents’ understanding of sexual health to identify what can be done to increase access to sexual health services and condom use, stimulating an improvement in sexual health in the population over the age of 35 and people from different communities across Kent


  • Opportunistic screening
  • Integrated sexual wellbeing services
  • Reform sexual health centres’ customer service culture
  • Confidential helpline / online live chat
  • GP training
  • Improve access to sexual health services
  • Pop-up sexual health shops
  • Offer and promote self-testing kits
  • Offer and promote emotional/psychological services
  • Peer led discussion groups
  • School education – lifetime risk
  • Rolling communications campaign
This research is by Resonant, commissioned by METRO Charity for Kent County Council