Rwanda Bill

We are incredibly disappointed and concerned that the UK government’s Rwanda Bill has been signed into law. Here's why.

We are incredibly disappointed and concerned that the UK government’s Rwanda Bill has passed through Parliament and been signed into law.

METRO Charity is one of over 250 civil society organisations which has signed an open letter to the Prime Minister condemning the move. Here’s why.  

Dear Prime Minister,

We write to express our shared outrage at the passage of the misleadingly named ‘Safety of Rwanda Act’. This is a shameful and performatively cruel law that will risk people's lives and betray who we are as a society.

We all want to be safe - and we want that safety for each other, too. As a country, we are proud to uphold our responsibility to support refugees.

- Open Letter

In November 2023, the UK’s Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Rwanda is not a safe country to send refugees to, based on the country’s human rights record. In fact, the UK Government’s own foreign travel advice is that LGBT+ people may experience discrimination or abuse in Rwanda, including from local authorities.  

Despite this the UK Government has proceeded to pass the Bill, putting the lives of migrants and asylum seekers at risk.  

Through our direct work with refugees and migrants, we have seen first-hand the invasive and complex processes people are required to navigate as they try to survive and secure asylum in the UK.  

It is imperative that all applicants are treated with humanity, dignity and respect, and that their safety and human rights are at the forefront of any action or decision. 

The government’s actions do not align with our human rights obligations, and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees described the UK’s Rwanda Act as a “worrying global precedent”.   

We call on the UK Government to create a long-term, multifaceted system allowing those wishing to claim asylum to do so safely and legally, with a holistic approach of support in place. 

What you can do:

The charity African Rainbow Family have a petition on the UK Parliament website, calling for a stop to all deportations for LGBTIQ+ people seeking asylum. Sign the petition.