Well Proud films

We’re marking Pride Month with the launch of our Well Proud docuseries.

This Pride Month 2023, we will be releasing our brand new Well Proud docuseries which explores the intersectionality of race, LGBTQ+ identity and the related impacts on mental health for Lewisham residents. This filmmaking project was funded through the Better Mental Health Fund, distributed by Lewisham Council
Across the five-part series, nine individuals from Lewisham - including artists, chefs and entrepreneurs – are given a platform to speak about their experiences. Each episode is directed by Charlene Frost and Yorgo Glynatsis. Both are queer, PoC Lewisham residents whose deep understanding of local communities helped them identify this diverse cross-section of voices to highlight. 

Charlene Frost said of producing and directing Well Proud:  

“This has been such a journey for all of us….It’s not just about capturing the best image on camera or the right angle or the right lighting. We’re actually learning about people’s lives and getting into their worlds and their universe.”   

Yorgo Glynatsis Speaking about the docuseries said:   

"I wanted to help our local heroes to raise their voices and being part of their journeys to tell their stories. I am excited to show this docuseries to the world and hope that these films will create as much of an impact on audiences as they have with everyone involved in this project."   

The online release of the films comes one week after the sold-out world premiere screening at the Fellowship Cinema in Lewisham. The feedback from the audience was incredible, with attendees calling the series “Brave, hopeful, inspiring” and praising the films’ stars as “strong individuals with such a depth of experience.” Viewers also lauded the quality of the filmmaking and storytelling, describing them as “beautifully shot and incredibly moving” and “created with such empathy and skill.” 

Each of the five films will premiere on METRO’s YouTube channel at 7:00 pm on Thursday evenings, beginning on 1st June.  

Don’t forget to tune in! And join in on the conversation online, using the hashtag #WellProud and mentioning us @METROCharity.