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“I began my personal journey with Endometriosis at the age of twelve, where I began to notice symptoms. At the age of 16 I sought help, but unfortunately, this consultation wasn't helpful and it took a further 20 years to finally get my diagnosis.

“Over the years I have tried all kinds of treatments, however, it soon became apparent that no two cases or experiences of Endometriosis are the same. At times I would be in such severe pain, that it would be difficult to simply walk.

“Perhaps it’s due to embarrassment or lack of understanding or knowledge, but I strongly feel that Endometriosis doesn't get taught or talked about enough.

“Even if it doesn't affect you personally, it may effect somebody in your life, such as your mother, sister, partner, friend or a colleague.

“If you think it affects you please continue to seek medical advice. I have experienced first-hand just how long a diagnosis can take, but please don't give up! Be kind to yourself, and remember that there is help medically and holistically out there.”

Amanda Eagling, Young Greenwich Parenting Support Counsellor.

For further information, resources and support, visit Endometriosis UK