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We're an equality and diversity charity working across five domains to promote health and wellbeing through our transformative services to anyone experiencing issues relating to sexuality, gender, equality, diversity and identity. We use our unique insight from these programmes and our diverse heritage to influence decision makers and to effect positive change.

From 2008, we’ve grown exponentially. We’ve merged with six other charities and now have a fuller suite of services for all people affected by HIV; we’ve embedded our advocacy and activism for disabled people; we’ve taken a leading role in supporting other voluntary and community sector organisations to be champions of equality; and we’ve taken steps in utilising the experiences and insights of the people who use our services to create change at local, regional and national levels.

Our new CEO will work with a dedicated Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team to build on our success to date, further strengthen our financial position and invest in a new, stronger future, working in collaboration with our partners. We are seeking a new Chief Executive who can provide the leadership to achieve our aspirations, who can represent METRO externally, and engage and empower the Senior Leadership Team and the wider team of staff and volunteers, to innovate and strive towards our vision of a future which is inclusive, equal and fair.

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