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"For me, bi visibility means showing up for myself. Realising that I’m bi has been a personal revolution. It has felt like freedom from expectations and realising that I am not confined to any particular script for the way I live my life. 
"Bisexuality is an identity where there’s nothing to prove. It’s not about fulfilling prerequisites or ticking boxes. Bisexuality is real and valid and gets to mean whatever feels most comfortable for you. It doesn’t have to be just a stopping point on the way to another destination but can be a destination all on its own.
"Bi visibility within our community continues to be a necessity. My own 'out-ness' as a bisexual has been supported by so many others who have made themselves visible by sharing insights, validation, and resources. Others’ willingness to live openly and authentically, made it feel safe and welcoming to do so myself. In claiming space for ourselves, we make it that much better/safer/easier for the next person to be who they fully are too.
"In the words of one of my favorite internet bisexuals, Capri Campeau:     
'Everyone’s a little bit bi? Nope, but you might be.'"

Hayley Conyers, Community Engagement Lead, METRO Charity.