Delphine Bruch head and shoulders shot

I'm METRO’s youth counsellor for under 25s, specialising in gender identity and tend to see young people who identify as non-binary or transgender, or who are questioning their gender identity. I also provide counselling to parents of young people that are being mentored through our Young Greenwich parenting programme. 

I started as a volunteer counsellor at METRO, which I did for two years before taking this role. As soon as I started getting into counselling, I just fell in love with it completely. And volunteering at METRO - well, it was destiny! I was in my diploma year and had started looking at a list of placements. I felt at home straight away; I felt valued and included.  

The support and training was great and now it's good to be able to offer that to our current volunteers. I know how isolating it has been during the pandemic so Mark, another counsellor, and I have been running some peer support groups for our volunteer counsellors once a month.