Dr Greg Ussher, METRO Charity’s CEO said: 

“At METRO, we are very pleased to see that the 2021 Census will, for the first time, include two new voluntary questions on sexual orientation and gender identity. 

“This is so important for our communities, both for increasing our visibility and helping to build a stronger understanding of the needs of the people we represent. This data is vital for a deeper understanding of LGBTQ+ people and will enable organisations like METRO to develop tailored services that promote equality. 

“We particularly welcome the ONS’ work setting up unique access codes for individuals who wish to answer these questions separately from their household’s questionnaire, with the anonymity that goes alongside it. We dearly hope that this provides the reassurance some might need to participate in the Census, helping to ensure that the data collected is a true representation.” 

Watch our film which explains why we are supporting Census 2021 and how to get a unique access code if you need one.