Innovation Fund success

METRO and partners secure funding from PHE

We are delighted to have received funding from Public Health England’s Innovation Fund to deliver a film and image HIV prevention and awareness campaign, in partnership with Naz and Número De Serie, targeting Latin American communities living in London. 

This project builds on previous innovative programs METRO has delivered through its Emerging Communities work. Partnering with Naz, leaders in sexual health work with BAME communities and Número De Serie who work with artists and designers to deliver messages around HIV and sexual health to communities who have disengaged.  

Tony Furlong, our Emerging Communities Manager said, “It is great to continue delivering creative and innovative HIV prevention work with Latin American communities in London and build on our experience delivering community embedded programmes. This exciting programme will use film and projection as a way to reach and engage Latin American communities in HIV prevention and to reduce HIV stigma, and show how community members, HIV activists, artists and those from the HIV field can work together.” 

Roberto Tovar from Número De Serie said, “We are a very diverse group with different struggles, pains and joys. Listening to the stories of Latin American people living with HIV is pivotal to develop an effective strategy to reduce stigma, and prevent new transmissions within the Latin American community. The aim of this project is to amplify those stories and create a network of information from the community to the community."

Parminder Sekhon, CEO of Naz said, “For over 20 years NAZ has been working hard to highlight and support the needs of the many diverse Latin American communities in London who for too long have remained a hugely underserved population group. Supporting Latin American people living with HIV is central to our mission to reach zero HIV transmissions in 2030. We seek to ensure all people of Latin American heritage in Greater London and beyond will benefit from this end goal and no Spanish and Portuguese speaking community will be left behind. For this reason, we are delighted to be part of this fantastic partnership with METRO to amplify and advocate the experiences of Latin American people living with HIV can know their HIV status, benefit from free early testing, access support services and accurate health and wellbeing information and resources.” 

This film and image-based campaign seeks to break stigma and increase engagement in HIV prevention approaches in Latin American communities across London. This will be delivered through five short documentary films featuring Latin American people living with HIV. The project will provide Latin American volunteers with the opportunity to participate in a number of HIV training workshops and creative sessions developing the five films, with the possibility of participating. The final films will be projected onto buildings within London’s Latin American hubs and screened at Latin American community organisations. Images and messages from the films will form part of a wider campaign. 

For more information about the project, or if you would like to participate as a volunteer please contact jesus@naz.org.uk