Red haired woman holding up a face mask

Jo Robinson, METRO Charity's Head of Mental Health, said:

“We welcome the UN's policy brief 'COVID-19 and the need for action on mental health'. The report highlights the impact of the pandemic – both now and in the future – on some of society's most vulnerable groups, including frontline healthcare workers, young people, those with pre-existing mental health conditions and those caught up in conflict and crisis.

“At METRO, we have started to see the impact of the pandemic on people's mental health already. Some of the people we support have struggled to access counselling or support services; others have experienced a drop in income, which has caused anxiety.

“We know good mental health is essential if people are to thrive and achieve. Part of our vision at METRO Charity is for a world where optimum health and wellbeing for all is a collective goal. We have seen the growing health inequalities having a significant impact on people in the UK over the past ten years, and now urge the Government to invest in mental health services as a priority and to avoid a further crisis.

“METRO will continue to work with local health and social care leaders and advocate for improved health and support services which will further the wellbeing of the people we support, many of whom live in the deprived areas highlighted in the review or experience health inequalities as a result of their gender, disability, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.”


Photo credit: Pille Riin Priske