Photo of colourful plaits

Weaving is a way of expressing connections and togetherness, the individual strands are woven together to form a tighter bond - a beautiful metaphor about how we are stronger together. Our outdoor installation will be created using the strands made by our community members and then formed into an artwork by a local artist. It will join a series of woven displays by different community groups as part of the festival in Woolwich on Sunday 30th August 2020.

If you would like to contribute your own plait to be a part of the installation, you can email us and we will send out further information.

We are seeking an LGBTQ+ identifying Artist to work with us on a realising this concept expressing identity, resilience and representation for the outdoor installation. Find out more about this paid opportunity.

The idea for the installation is based on the concept created by Gratte Ciel of a Togetherness Plait.