Poster for online bookings for Pitstop clinic appointments (says Do you need an STI test? Test every three months or more often if you have multiple partners)

METRO has launched a new online booking system for STI testing at our Pitstop clinic in Woolwich.

Our Pitstop service provides free STI tests for men who have sex with men who don't have any symptoms. All our services are trans friendly. Book a free appointment on our Book a Test website.

We've worked with Ayup to develop an easy to use, mobile friendly way to book STI tests online. Appointments are available at regular times every week at our Pitstop clinic in Woolwich.

Why should I book a test?

It’s important to test for sexually transmitted infections regularly. Some infections can cause long term harm and don’t always have recognisable symptoms of infection. Most STIs become visible between 2 weeks and 12 weeks after you’ve had sex, so you should usually test at least every three months. If you have multiple partners, we recommend that you test more often.

How can I book a test?

Visit to book your test. You'll receive an anonymous text to confirm your appointment. Please arrive ten minutes before your appointment if you can.

During your test, we'll ask about your sexual history and any risks you've taken. We take swabs and a fingerprick blood test and send the samples to our lab to test for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

What's new about this system?

Jackie Foley, Clinical Projects Manager at METRO, said:

"We've launched this new system because we want to reduce barriers and increase access to HIV testing and treatment. We're proud to be one the first organisations to offer this service.

We know many people don't like to wait at drop-in services, so we've made it easy to book an appointment on your phone. Our drop-in service will continue every Wednesday night in Woolwich. Our new online system will mean that more people can test for STIs when it's convenient for them."