METRO Greenwich is moving to Woolwich

10 January 2018

Our new headquarters will be next to Woolwich Arsenal station

Map of Equitable House next to Woolwich Arsenal station

METRO Greenwich and METRO Woolwich (currently home to our METRO GAVS team) are on the move. Moving to our new METRO Woolwich space on the 1st floor of Equitable House.

Most services delivered at METRO Greenwich will not run for the week commencing Monday 15th January 2018. Please check with your service contact directly. All services will resume in our shiny new building from Monday 22nd January 2018:

METRO Woolwich
1st Floor
Equitable House
7 General Gordon Square
SE18 6FH

METRO Woolwich is our new head office, maintaining our heritage and strong ties to the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Why is METRO Greenwich moving?

Our METRO Greenwich office, was always planned to be our temporary home, whilst looking for for new accommodation in the royal borough. METRO Woolwich gives us more space for growing services and a growing team of staff and volunteers.

This new space provides an equality and diversity hub for South London.

How do I get to METRO Woolwich?

From the Woolwich Arsenal DLR and mainline stations take the Woolwich New Road exit, cross the zebra cross directly in front of you and walk straight ahead along the front of Equitable House and turn right into the first door - this is the same door as the Pharmacy.

Once inside, walk down to the building reception (a lift is available), sign in and then take the stairs or lift to the 1st floor, turn left and the main entrance to METRO Woolwich will be directly ahead of you.