Fred Crossman, our Mental Health Services Manager

"Sometimes having a secret that nobody else knows can be fun and exciting, but hiding your true self from the world is always going to create problems for you. Sexuality is something we are born with, like the colour of my red hair.  

"Living with your sexuality hidden from your friends, loved ones, or even hiding it from yourself can mean that you develop mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. It took me a while to feel good about who I am, for a while I hid it and experience anxiety over being caught out. I'm a husband, brother, son, father, baker and I'm bi. If you can, do as Oscar Wilde said: be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."

– Fred Crossman, Mental Health Services Manager

If you are experiencing issues around your sexuality or gender identity, our mental health team offers youth counselling for 11-25 year olds and adult counselling for over 25s.