Photo of Ty sitting in for an interview

About this service

A series of short films exploring mental health and wellbeing among LGBTQ+ identifying, Black and Global Majority members of the community in Lewisham.

These films will provide a platform for community members to share stories and experiences. We will host a public launch event. This series is directed by Yorgo Glynatsis and Charlene Frost.

Who can use this service

You need to Black and/or of the Global Majority with a strong connection to Lewisham.

Why people use this service

  • I care about mental health
  • I want to share my experiences of mental health
  • I want to find out more about mental health services
  • I want to improve my mental wellbeing

How we can help

  • Watch the films instantly on your device
  • Come to our in-person community event
  • Get tips on mental health and wellbeing from a LGBTQ+, Global Majority perspective

If you are interested in getting involved or finding out more,

Email [email protected].

We'll get back to you within 7 days to discuss the project further.

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