HIV Support Essex

Support for people living with HIV in Essex
Two people wearing red METRO HIV t-shirts after Pride in London

What is this service?

We provide one-to-one support and group support for people living with HIV in Essex. We offer counselling, advice and advocacy, mentoring and peer support groups.

Our advice and advocacy service can help with immigration and welfare benefits.

Is this for me?

You need to be living with or affected by HIV and live in Essex.

  • I'm living with or affected by HIV
  • I'm struggling to come to terms with my diagnosis
  • I want to meet other people affected by HIV
  • Counselling, advocacy and peer support
  • Get emotional, social and psychological support
  • Live a happier, healthier, fulfilled life

Get in touch

Email or call our Essex team on 0124 535 8145.

We'll arrange a quick chat to find out more about you and how we can help. After you're signed up, you can join our groups and access our one-to-one support services.