GMI Partnership

HIV prevention services for men who have sex with men in London
Norman at the GMI Partnership 10 years celebration event

What is this service?

We lead the GMI Partnership with Positive East and Spectra. We work in over 50 venues across London, including saunas, bars, clubs and events like Pride in London, UK Black Pride and London Fetish Week.

We provide community-based HIV testing and other HIV prevention services for men who have sex with men. We deliver outreach and testing for the Do It London campaign, including condoms in venues in partnership with Freedoms. We do STI testing in community venues in collaboration with the NHS. We also run pop-up HIV testing events throughout the year, including National HIV Testing Week.

Is this for me?

You need to be a man who has sex with men. Our service is fully inclusive of trans people.

  • I'd like to check my HIV status
  • I want to find out if I have an STI
  • I want to know where I can get tested
  • I want to find out about PrEP or PEP
  • Testing in venues near you
  • Instant HIV results
  • Get STI results by text
  • Learn different ways to prevent HIV

Get in touch

Our events calendar shows when we'll be near you. We give out free condoms and lube at saunas, bars, clubs and events. Sometimes we also do HIV testing and sometimes you can test for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

You can also find out ways to prevent HIV on the Do It London website, including frequent testing, condoms, PrEP and having an undetectable viral load (U=U).