Bezpieczny Rodak

HIV prevention and support workshops in Polish

People from our HIV prevention and support workshops

What is this service?

Bezpieczny Rodak is a series of HIV prevention and support workshops for Polish men who have sex with men. We meet in Vauxhall every week for five weeks.

Our workshops are a safe space where you can discuss your sexual behaviour, ask questions, learn about sexual health and think about how to have the sex you want. We'll often talk about risks, consent, negotiation, drugs, alcohol and self-esteem. Or we might look at living with HIV and how you can improve your mental and physical health.

Is this for me?

You need to be Polish, aged 18 or over and live in or near London.

  • I'm worried about my sex life
  • I feel lonely or isolated
  • I don't have anyone to talk to about HIV in my language
  • I'm worried about my drug or alcohol use
  • I'm not sure about the risks I'm taking
  • Friendly and confidential workshops
  • Non-judgemental environment
  • Speak Spanish or Portuguese
  • Feel more confident about your decisions
  • Have more control over your sex life

Get in touch

Email or call 020 8305 5003. You can refer yourself or be referred by someone who works with you (like a charity or sexual health clinic).

We'll usually get back to you within 24 hours. We'll arrange a quick chat to find out more about you and how we can help. After you're signed up, there will be five workshops once every week.

Why we do it

Polish people find it difficult to access culturally specific HIV services.

Half of new HIV diagnoses in London are among migrant communities, including Polish men who have sex with men.

We work with Polish volunteers to provide workshops that are a safe, non-judgemental and open space to talk about sex, sexuality and HIV. Our workshops take a holistic approach to sexual health and wellbeing.

We know Polish people are disproportionately affected by HIV, so it's vital that we create safe spaces to talk about sex.

How we make a difference

We aim to reduce HIV transmission, reduce late diagnoses of HIV, increase HIV testing and increase knowledge about HIV. We help people make informed decisions about their sexual health and wellbeing.

We run six series of workshops every year. Over 100 people have taken part in these workshops so far. After the workshops, people feel more in control of their sex life and more confident about the decisions they're taking.

Our workshops are designed and run by Polish people, which means our programme is embedded in these communities. We use interactive and creative arts-based approaches to deliver HIV prevention and support.