Drawing of a liver and magnifying glass illustrating presence of a virus

Hepatitis is the term used to describe inflammation of the liver. It's usually the result of a viral infection or liver damage caused by drinking alcohol.

There are several different types of hepatitis. You can find out more about hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E, alcoholic hepatitis and autoimmune hepatitis on the NHS website, this site also explains vaccination options. Below, we are focusing on the more common hepatitis B and C. 

Grab a home sampling kit

You can order a FREE kit online, this will be delivered to you, so you can take your samples in the comfort of your own home. The kit includes all the details on how to take your samples, and has everything you need to pop it back into the post to be processed at the lab.

More information and support

Depending on where you live there are a number of different sexual health advice lines and clinics that you can call or visit.