Tom Doyle

Tom is the CEO of Yorkshire MESMAC. Yorkshire MESMAC is one of the oldest and largest sexual health organisations in the country. They deliver services to most at risk communities across Yorkshire and Humber, including men who have sex with men, African and other BAME people, people living with HIV, people using drugs, sex workers and LGBT+ young people and adults. 

Salim Khalifa

Salim Khalifa - Services Director for Trade Sexual Health (Trade). Trade is an LGB&T health and sexual health charity based in Leicester.

Salim has been involved in LGB&T health for over 18 years. Throughout his work and personal life, he continues to strive to ensure LGB&T communities and the diverse communities remain on the strategic agenda. Ensuring services are more accessible and inclusive. Salim has considerable experience in working with marginalised groups. Those that have experienced stigma, prejudice and discrimination and to enable those communities to address health inequalities through community engagement and empowerment. He has a passion for innovation and creative thinking to deliver campaigns and health messages for change and impact in a healthy positive direction. 


Mermaids is a UK based charity that offers support to transgender and gender variant children and young people, their families and supporting professionals. Mermaids provides helpline and email support services, parents and teens online forums, training into schools, social services, and many other agencies supporting children, residential family weekends, local groups at nationwide, campaigning and advocacy, speaking at conferences and events nationwide, raising awareness by attending Pride and other LGBT events, young trans people and their families, advisory liaison service with EHRC, DofE, GEO and other agencies to help identify and combat poor practice.

Cecily Stevenson

Cecily works at Birmingham LGBT, a sexual health and wellbeing charity located in Birmingham, whose vision is a vibrant and diverse LGBT+ community in Birmingham, where LGBT individuals can realise their full potential and have equal access to all the city has to offer. Birmingham LGBT runs a broad range of services for those in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands, including culturally competent sexual health services, a free specialist counselling service, a service for trans and gender questioning youth, a domestic violence service, and a queer arts festival.

This panel in convened by Yorkshire MESMAC and supported by METRO Charity.