Our policies

We're committed to promoting equality and combating discrimination

Equality and dignity

METRO is an equality and diversity charity committed to promoting equality, combating discrimination and respecting the dignity and independence of our staff, volunteers and services users. We believe that everyone is entitled to be treated with respect, and to be protected from discrimination and harassment. We take care to undertake our work with due regard to individual needs and understand the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. We recognise that discrimination can and does occur on grounds of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, immigration status, religion, poverty, age, class, as well as other differences in experience, belief, legal status and culture.

Discrimination can be direct, indirect, or institutional. Equal treatment is often insufficient to secure equality of opportunity in employment or service provision and positive action can be required to achieve equality of opportunity. Some of our services are targeted at particular communities in need. We have an Equalities and Dignity Policy that underpins all our work.