Broken Rainbow Closure

10 June 2016

Broken Rainbow Closure

"Broken Rainbow was the UK's only national LGBT domestic violence charity, supporting people that truly feel they have nowhere else to turn.

"We are so relieved that Galop and Stonewall Housing in partnership with the Home Office will together ensure that LGBT people experiencing domestic abuse will still have a dedicated helpline to call for support and advice.", Dr Greg Ussher, METRO CEO.

METRO's experience in providing LGBT Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy support, highlights how vital LGBT-specific support is in enabling people to fully share their experience to be able to talk through options and get the most appropriate support.

Dr Ussher went on to explain, "From our experience in delivering LGBTdomestic violence support in Southwark and Lambeth, we know how vital specialist services are.

"This is why when we understood that Broken Rainbow was in difficultly, awaiting their grant from the Home Office, we were keen to offer a financial support package to ensure their vital helpline remained open.

"Sadly their situation has moved to the point of liquidation, but we truly hope that this, plus the similar situation leading to the closure of the LGBT Mental health charity, PACE, will lead to further collaboration and joined up working in our sector. Ensuring the resilience and sustainability of services for the communities we serve."